Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn might be most notably known for wrangling snakes from dining rooms and chasing rats from cellars while hosting the hit show “Health Inspectors” on Food Network, but his culinary career started while studying and working in the best kitchens of South Florida. His performance in Memphis as owner and chef at River Oaks restaurant gained him James Beard recognition and led him to open two critically acclaimed restaurants, Grace and Au Fond Farmtable. His success brought him to Atlanta to serve as Culinary Director for a Georgia-based restaurant group.

Passion for Food

Ben’s love affair with food began at an early age, cooking in his beloved grandmother’s kitchen. His passion for cooking only grew as time passed, as Ben underwent training in the culinary arts at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale while working nights in some of the best restaurants in the city to gain valuable hands-on training and trade secrets from experienced and skilled chefs.


Food Network

Ben’s move from chef/restaurateur to Food Network host was a natural transition, triggered by his desire to share lessons learned from successes and disappointments over the course of his culinary career and a passion for educating others. While exploring some of the dirtiest kitchens in the nation, Ben was also able to show the humanity and desperate needs of the owners/restaurateurs he encountered and leave them more knowledgeable and equipped to succeed.

World Food Championships Final Table

Happening Now

While currently producing a new television show, Vaughn is also writing a book and speaking at culinary schools around the country about his experiences in the food and beverage industry. In addition to his multiple upcoming projects, Vaughn recently served as the official emcee of the 2013 World Food Championships in Las Vegas and developed a spice line.

Daddy, husband, writer, Food Network host, chef, and constant visionary…

Ben Vaughn is a multi-faceted man on a constant quest for the next breakthrough in taste. The combination of his years of practical kitchen experience filled with trials and triumphs and his zealous, adventurous spirit are a delicious revelation that even the most discriminating palate will enjoy.